Our God is awesome. I’ve always had the dream and desire of relocating to the United States with my family and my children having their education abroad without knowing how, considering my background and financial state. Our faith was stirred after a prophetic service in December where our case was
mentioned, and my wife and I decided to go to the embassy to request for a visa. To the glory of God without any serious interview, we were supernaturally granted while the ticket and other costs running into millions was paid for by a distant relative who just called in while we were standing on God’s word for the funds. It was so supernatural! As I write, my wife and children are right now settled over there waiting for me to join them.The God of CC is BIG! Praise God.
– Bro Tunji


I have heard and read about it but now I have experienced it – the dead raised to
life. My niece suddenly took ill and I took her to the hospital. After a while in the hospital, she stopped breathing and was later confirmed dead by the doctor. I was shocked and perplexed and the only thing on my mind was God’s faithfulness and love, as was thoroughly taught in church, but I just couldn’t pray. While in this state, just about 15 minutes later, we noticed a sign of life in her and to the amazement of the doctors and nurses she came back to life.Today my niece is alive and well. What a covering we have in CC! Praise God.

God is a rewarder

At the beginning of the year everything looked dull; we had no roof over our heads, my husband and I were squatting around but we kept up and even increased our service and committment in church, in faith. Right now to the glory of God, without scheming for it we legally have two houses belonging to us (with documents as proof), worth tens of millions of Naira in asset. Miracles are real and they still happen in our time! Also, in one of our services recently, Pastor asked us by the Spirit to ask for something from God. I asked for an extra channel of income and God miracoulously opened a new door of income for me within 7 days, and a new mega door for my husband. Our God is good!
– Sis Lizzy.