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The Most Powerful Revelation A Believer Can Have What if there was a revelation that is the master key to everything that a believer could ever desire. A revelation so powerful that those who possess it are guaranteed to live a victorious life and literally function like God on the earth! Well there is such…


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Do you miss it? Do you want it? A Sunday morning service… Where you leave with your heart full of the anointed word of God! Not just three points and a poem! Where the emphasis is as much sensitivity to God as it is ‘seekers’! Where the people are not afraid to speak in tongues…

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Mrs. O
I had this excruciating back pain for over a year. In a particular service I was in, Pastor encouraged as many of us as have homes to release our homes for the prayer -houses starting and that the blessing will rest upon every home consecrated for God’s use. Faithfully, I held on to that Word. I released my home and miraculously after the first meeting in my house, I slept soundly first the first time in over a year without pains. Ever since then, I haven’t had the pain any more. Halleluyah!
In a particular service pastor declared a 24hours, 7days and 30days miracles and I claimed it! Prior to that day, I was told at the hospital that I was tending towards being diabetic. As a step of faith, I went to the hospital the next for a checkup and was told that my sugar level had normalized and I was given a clean bill of health. I got my 24hr miracle! Same week, I received a call from an Audit firm I submitted my CV to about two years ago to come for an interview. I went & was made an offer instantly to resume almost immediately.