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Welcome to CovenantLight Ministries

Find your belonging at CovenantLight. We cultivate intimate love communities where faith blossoms and no one walks alone. Join us to grow, laugh, and connect - right around the corner.

We are one big family, meeting in many homes

CovenantLight reimagines faith through intimate microchurches called Light Houses. Here, community is the cornerstone, shared meals nourish both body and soul, and the gifts of the spirit blossom in unexpected ways. It's where everyday believers become extraordinary lights, illuminating each other's journeys.

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Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of God's love, both by precept and by example

Here's how we've decided to spread that love

Our mission isn't just inscribed on a plaque, it's a vibrant dance we live out every day. We learn and grow hand-in-hand, embracing challenges and celebrating victories as one. And beyond our walls, we carry the torch of God's love, igniting hope and serving communities near and far. From playful gatherings to impactful outreach, every step we take ripples outward, transforming lives and painting the world a brighter shade of grace.

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