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We are one big family, meeting in many homes

Our Beginnings

Covenantlight Church is called out by God to be a Covenant for the people and a Light for the nation ( Isa 42:6) hence the name.This God-given vision, given to Apostle Nuel Manufor, started in June 2012 with pre-inaugural prayer meetings and was eventually inaugurated in November of the same year in the city of Lagos, Nigeria with a unique Mandate to “ Spread the knowledge of God' s Love by Precepts and Example"

Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of God's love, both by precept and by example

Our Values

  • Love Up

    Towards God
  • Love In

    Towards one another
  • Love Out

    Towards the unreached

Our Vision

To be a mega-church in many locations across the earth made up of small love communities

Where Small Communities Build Global Impact

At CovenantLight, we cultivate vibrant "love communities", nurturing genuine connection through shared laughter, prayer, and play. We aren't just words on a page; we're a tapestry woven from countless threads, each unique group blooming in its own way, yet united by the vibrant love of Christ.

gathering of believers

Rooted in Love, Growing Together

We live this love daily, from joyful gatherings to impactful outreach, sparking a ripple of hope that transforms lives and paints the world a brighter shade of grace. Join us, wherever you are, and discover the power of faith rooted in community and reaching for the world.

gathering of believers

What we call LightHouses

Step into a Light House, and breathe in the warmth of acceptance, the aroma of shared meals, and the hum of authentic conversations. Here, we connect in and out of Sunday bible study, building relationships brick by brick, laughter by laughter, prayer by prayer. Together, we ignite the sparks of faith within each other, illuminating the path to shared growth and purpose.

  • 15+ LightHouses
  • 120+ Labourers
  • 4+ Networks
  • Eating Together

    Gather around shared meals and warm conversation, building bonds that last beyond the table

  • Playing Together

    Laughter lights the way. Games, laughs, and shared joys spark friendships and ignite faith

  • Praying Together

    In moments of fervent prayer, find strength, comfort, and the unwavering presence of God.

  • Growing Together

    LightHouses dive into enriching discussions, discover new perspectives, and cultivate gifts

  • Going Together

    We embrace our call to serve, spreading the gospel and making a difference in the world

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